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Commercial Painting For Businesses That Needs A True Professional

Any business owner in Clearwater, FL can depend on Pease Painting for their commercial painting needs.

If you need an office, warehouse, storefront or retail space painted, we can handle that.

You don’t have to depend on your maintenance team to paint the walls. You can depend on Pease Painting to provide you with true professionals! 

By choosing us as your commercial painting contractor, we ensure that our team has all of the skills and knowledge needed for any type of work. We’ll be there from start to finish when it comes time to perform any exterior or interior job in Clearwater, FL.

What makes Pease Painting different than other painting companies? We’re NOT just painters. Our company is also comprised of experienced contractors who specialize in working with large-scale projects like new construction, remodeling, repairs and more!

We take pride in being able to offer this full spectrum service so that we will always find an answer to every need.

Turn Your Vision Into A Reality With Pease Paintings 6 Step Process!

Step 1: Initial Consultation

This is when we decide if we’re a right fit for you.

Step 2: Free Estimate

This is when you decide if we’re a right fit for you.

Step 3: Scheduling/Planning

Picking colors, getting HOA approval, and preparing your job so that you can enjoy a smooth, care free, and worry free process.

Step 4: Produce Job

Prepping exterior or interior surfaces, cleaning, setting up the jobsite and then doing the job you hired us for. We move quickly and efficiently to produce a high quality job, and a professional experience for our clients.

Step 5: Final Walkthrough

After job completion we ensure that we leave the job better than we found it. We take the final walkthrough seriously and do this before your final payout to guarantee your satisfaction.

Step 6: Follow Up

Making sure you LOVE the transformation we provided for you. We may take photos of the transformation and ask you to leave us a review detailing your experience with us.

Why Us?

The Paint Experts at Pease Painting go above and beyond to provide the best painting services.

This is because we put our clients first, which means providing them with a top-notch service that leaves no room for mistakes or unanswered questions.