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We have flooring specialists with years of training and experience with installing epoxy flooring. Our system is straightforward: We fill any cracks and crevices with our epoxy solution, so don’t worry if your garage floor is full of cracks. We clean the surface, and then apply a primer. From here, we begin adding layers of epoxy. We offer many variations of epoxy to fit your vision. With epoxy floor installation, we at Pease Painting are the best to rely on. 

Clearwater Epoxy Flooring

Why is Epoxy your solution?

Here’s what you need to know about epoxy flooring:

Easy to Clean

Epoxy flooring is extremely easy to clean. This is arguably the best feature of epoxy flooring. Since epoxy flooring is so smooth, sweeping up debris is easy. Maintaining epoxy flooring is simple and easy.

It’s durable

Epoxy flooring is known for its durability. You can store heavy machinery and equipment on it without worrying about scuffing or scraping. You can safely and easily park a car on it without messing up the flooring.

It’s safe

Epoxy is the safest coating to have on your floors. It’s both slip-resistant and shock-resistant. Epoxy flooring is completely water resistant and will protect your floor from any spills, including some harsh chemicals.

Clean look

Since epoxy flooring has that smooth look, they always look incredibly clean and can keep your garage from looking dirty. Paired with epoxy flooring’s durability and resistance to scratches, the epoxy finish creates a clean look unlike any other.


To add onto all the great benefits of epoxy flooring, epoxy is also available is multiple colors and variations, so not only will you have a clean and durable floor, you’ll have one in a color you love.


Why is Epoxy your solution?

It’s eco-friendly

Epoxy flooring is eco-friendly because it requires way less materials than another flooring installations, it doesn’t require heavy maintenance, and it doesn’t need to replaced as often as other floors. Epoxy flooring doesn’t require much material to be used when it’s being applied, which is better for the environment. Epoxy flooring is the “Green” alternative and the most cost effective option you can buy.

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Most frequent questions and answers

In general, epoxy floors can last for 2 to 3 years when used in a residential or commercial setting. When this type of flooring is installed in an industrial environment where the amount and weight of traffic will vary significantly from day-to-day (think warehouses) it becomes much less durable – lasting only about 1 year on average!

Epoxy Flooring is a very safe coating for your hard floors. It’s slip-resistant, shock-resistant, and less abrasive than concrete and other types of industrial flooring. Some homeowners even choose to have epoxy flooring in their mudrooms, kitchens, bathrooms or really anywhere!

Epoxy floors are some of the hardest and most durable industrial flooring available. They can still scratch, cut or gouge if enough force is applied

The recent innovation in epoxy flooring is the introduction of a skid-resistant additive, which can make it perfect for even wet floors. This has been especially important to customers with high traffic areas and oil spills that might cause slippery surfaces as well – now you don’t have to worry!

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